2020-09-30 12:31NYHETER

Mats Lindberg retiring - Fredrik Lomäng new CEO of Bildupphovsrätt

Outgoing CEO Mats Lindberg welcomes new CEO Fredrik Lomäng. Photo: Emma GripOutgoing CEO Mats Lindberg welcomes new CEO Fredrik Lomäng. Photo: Emma Grip

The Board of Bildupphovsrätt has appointed Fredrik Lomäng as new CEO of Bildupphovsrätt. He will replace Mats Lindberg who has been the company’s CEO since 1989.

Fredrik Lomäng has a degree in law and has prior to this worked at STIM, the Swedish collective management organisation for music creators and publishers.

–We are delighted that Fredrik Lomäng is taking over as CEO and will continue developing Bildupphovsrätt now that Mats Lindberg is retiring, says Åsa Berndtsson, Chairman of the Board of Bildupphovsrätt.

–I am full of energy and desire to pursue copyright issues for image creators - they are so important to our culture and to our society. I am really looking forward to take part in the important international work, we have a lot to achieve together by strengthen our cooperation and I hope to contribute to that. It feels good to take over from Mats Lindberg, who has built an organization with great copyright knowledge and stable incomes for the authors. We have a good platform to further develop copyright and find modern solutions for users and visual creators says Fredrik Lomäng, incoming CEO of Bildupphovsrätt. 

Mats Lindberg will remain as a senior advisor and consultant and will especially contribute when it comes to private copying and financial investments. Mats will continue to represent the visual sector in the Swedish RRO, BONUS Copyright Access where he holds the position of first vice president.

– Visual Art and culture are of outmost importance for the democratic development of society. This is what drives the dialogue and the story of the future. Copyright is a prerequisite to maintain professional visual creators who, free from short term interests, can continue their important tasks to create culture. This is what it is all about, says Mats Lindberg, outgoing CEO of Bildupphovsrätt.

Bildupphovsrätt (formely BUS) was started by artists and its aim is to promote members’ and visual artists’ financial and copyright interests. We represent close to 10 000 artists in Sweden and some 130 000 foreign visual artists through the sister societies we work with. Bildupphovsrätt complies with Swedish and international copyright laws. 

Om Bildupphovsrätt

Bildupphovsrätt drivs utan vinstintresse. Vi representerar bild- och formkonstnärer, illustratörer, fotografer, designers och andra upphovspersoner till bild och form. Vi tar fram bildlicenser så att du som är skapare kan få betalt när dina verk används av exempelvis bokförlag, muséer, produktionsbolag, TV eller reklambyråer med flera. Bildupphovsrätt har även ansvar för att samla in och fördela följerättsersättning och Individuell reprografiersättning (IR). Vi fördelar också ut Individuell visningsersättning, IV. Det är ett statligt budgetanslag som ger ersättning till bildkonstnärer vilkas konstverk visas offentligt.